State says scammers target East Tennessee

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A warning for all senior citizens, and family members. It involves what so many depend on, a medical life alert system.

Authorities are saying you need to watch out for a phone call that may sound too good to be true, and targeted to the senior community here in East Tennessee.

It sounds like a sweet deal that offer a free medical life alert system. Although the voice on the other end can sound a little less than credible, there's enough going out to worry several people.

"I'm gun shy. There's so many things going on under the sun out there. If you don't solicite it, don't take it," says senior citizen Jim Winter.

Phone calls like this one that caught the attention of state officials in Nashville.

"We heard from both people in East Tennessee and West Tennessee that they were getting calls at their home," says Winter.

Despite peddling a free system potential scammers are asking the elderly to cough up their credit card information.

"Unless you know the purpose of the call and you know who you're talking to, then don't give out private information out over the phone cause you don't know where it's going to go," advises Jim Shulman with the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability.

Senior citizens in East Knoxville say it's sad they're often targets.

"Well, senior citizens are not of this age, and they are trustful, and naive sometimes, and some of us are a little senile...not that we'll admit it," he jokes. "But, we're vulnerable. Easy pickings," says Winter.

It's also suggested that if you do have one of these medical alert systems that you know that you are talking to someone from your company. We first heard about this from a coworker who's not even 50 year-old. Just goes to show, although the warning goes out to the senior community scammers target anyone with a phone.

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