Staying stress free on Thanksgiving

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Shopping, cooking and family. It's the perfect recipe for a stressful holiday. So how do you cope with folks you may not have seen for months? When the whole family gets together, there's bound to be some differences. So here are a few tips to keep things friendly and even fun.

Jaime Ragonese started cooking at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning and she won't stop until the bird comes out of the oven Thanksgiving afternoon. She'll spend almost 30 hours in the kitchen all of that with her two kids trying to help. Jaime Ragonese says, "It is stressful because they are always needing something."

She tries not to get too stressed out, but with 7 people coming over it's hard not to feel the pressure. That's why she delegates. Ragonese says, "Everybody really helps. Of course we have wine, too."

For some families get togethers aren't this much fun. For some folks it's tense and the big dinner can end with a bad taste in their mouth
Program Manager for the Knoxville Police Department Family Crime Unit David Kitts says, "When you're with family and they bring up old baggage, have forgiveness and let things go. Don't be looking for a fight."

The Family Justice Center tells Local 8 you should set realistic expectations and simply let some things go. They also recommend holding your tongue on sensitive issues. Kitts says, "Topics to avoid are always religion and politics.'

If tempers flare Kitts says, "If you get in argument, don't do it in the kitchen because the kitchen has weapons with knives. Go out a door."