UPDATE: NWS checking whether tornado hit Sevier County

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT/AP) Storms ripped through East Tennessee on Thursday. It caused some damage around the area. The National Weather Service may soon have information on whether damage in Sevier County came from a tornado or straight-line wind.

The NWS office in Morristown said Friday morning that an assessment team was going to review the damage later in the day. Preliminary information from the weather service Thursday stated there was a report of a funnel cloud and said winds were clocked at more than 65 mph in a number of East Tennessee communities.

Sevier County Emergency Management Agency Director John Mathews said responders found a straight-line damage path that was as much as 100 feet wide and up to a half-mile long.

In Cosby, Tennessee, crews worked to restore power. Residents in the area worked to clean up downed limbs and leaves.

One tree fell on a mans home, causing minimal damage. His car wasn't so lucky though, a branch went through the back window.

The National Weather Service will be in the Cosby area on Friday determining if a tornado touched down.

The Sevier County Management Agency director says responders discovered a straight-line path of damage that was as much as a hundred feet wide and a half-mile long.

Cosby wasn't the only area affected, many communities had downed power lines and trees. It also backed up traffic during the afternoon rush.

As of now, there have been no injuries reported.