Storm destroys home, but baby and 92 year-old mom make it out alive

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People in Sevier County are cleaning up after a storm hit their neighborhood.

Pat Barnes' house is where all the neighbors go when storms hit, but their safe house took a direct hit Thursday. Pat Barnes says, "It was a big cloud and it was twisting. It was coming straight at us and I said it's here, it's here!"

They rushed downstairs. Seconds later after the storm passed, Pat came up and this is what she saw. Pat Barnes says, "It was gone. Just light. We couldn't understand. We were in the basement and could see light. We couldn't understand. We didn't have a roof."

Her roof was gone. Her belongings are destroyed. The trees in her yard are twisted and mangled. Barnes says, "I don't know what to feel or what to do."

She knows one thing, Channel 8 may have saved her life. Before it hit, she was watching Meteorologist David Aldrich. Barnes says, "He said it's going to hit Jones Cove at 3:56 and I looked out and it was here."

Now the clean up begins. Pat was in the home with three other people including her 92 year-old mother and a baby. They all made it through without a scratch. Pat plans on rebuilding her home in the same spot. Afterall, the neighbors need a safe place to go next time.

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