Strangers find, and return, $11,000 in cash to owner

Brian Veals and Larry Moore, who found the $11,000 lying on the road, and returned to the owner.
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SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WVLT) - We've all left things on top of the car: a cup of coffee, maybe some books.

Those are all throwaways compared to the huge bag of cash that a Seymour man lost.

The last place that Kevin Welborn saw his bag of money, was at a job site up Ridge Road in Sevier County. It wasn't until he was miles away in South Knoxville that he realized it was gone.

"Well I started panicking, and so I turned around to go back where I was, and a few stops and to see if my money bag was there, and nothing," said Welborn.

Enter: Larry Moore and Brian Veals.

They were picking up furniture for Knoxville-based Angelic Ministries over in Seymour, when Brian found a black bag on the side of the road.

"I didn't know what he was doing. He picked something up, and got back in the truck, he pulled the case open and there was all kinds of money," said Moore.

Including one clip of $100 bills, adding up to $11,000.

Both men admit they've made plenty of bad decisions in life, which is why they are working at Angelic Ministries. But in this instance, they wanted to do the right thing.

"I couldn't have done that and lived with myself. Because I knew that money wasn't mine, and I had to do the right thing," said Veals.

They took the money back to Knoxville, and tracked down the owner through receipts inside the bag.

"Just a miracle," said Welborn.

An hour of hysteria, turned to relief. Now Welborn, who has six kids, can put the down payment on his family's new home.

"They was touched by something, because most people wouldn't have turned that money back in. They would've kept it themselves," said Welborn.

"We knew nobody was watching, but we knew the Lord was watching. And that's all that counts," said Moore.

"I gotta look myself in the mirror when I shave, and I definitely got a conscience," said Veals.

Both Moore and Veals will be able to sleep tonight, knowing they did the right thing.

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