Police: street racing may be to blame for Alcoa wreck

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ALCOA, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Ed Gaines drives more than 150 miles a day for work.

"I see all kinds of incidents, all the time - so it's really nothing new to see it," said Gaines.

On Wednesday, he saw a crash on the 129 Bypass in Alcoa, near Walmart.

"A green Integra was weaving in and out of traffic causing all kinds of havoc - almost hit me. So he proceeded to go on, and then about a half mile up the road there was an Evo - a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo - that got involved," he said.

Gaines said the cars were racing and caused another car to swerve off the road and roll over.

"As soon as the accident happened, they left - they continued to go. And they were moving pretty good - pretty good speed. So at least 80 or 90 plus," said Gaines.

Officers said they don't respond to street racing that often - only a couple times a month - but said it's extremely dangerous.

"It's very dangerous - it's dangerous to the public, it's dangerous to the people involved. Anytime you operate a car at a high rate of speed cutting in and out of traffic, you raise the risk of an accident, with injuring people," said Dustin Stevenson, with the Alcoa Police Department.

Stevenson said although street racing may have been involved, the cause of the crash remains unclear because others blames the driver of the rolled-over car.

"The other witnesses said that the subject may have been involved in road rage, with other people as well. So we have two different stories," said Stevenson.

Even so, Gains said he knows what he saw and said he's glad no one died in the wreck.

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