"Strong" accusation against Louisville head coach

Former Louisville player Patrick Grant is suing Louisville and coach Charlie Strong, claiming that he was asked to cover up an attack on him by two of his teammates in October 2010. Grant is also suing the school for rescinding his scholarship after he said he was promised that he'd be allowed to finish getting his degree at the school.

Grant was allegedly attacked by teammates Jacob and Isaac Geffrad in the locker room. The two brothers allegedly beat Grant so severely that, according to the lawsuit, he required immediate care and "nearly lost his left eye."

"His injuries to his left eye area were severe," the lawsuit states. "Several of the bones surrounding it were broken, and he was internally bruised. In other words, Patrick had sustained a 'blowout fracture' caused by a blunt trauma to the head. These are generally caused from personal altercations. His eye was bulging, too. His treating physician was required to probe around the eyeball without any anesthesia in order to determine the extent of Patrick's injuries."

Grant had to undergo surgery after the attack and needed facial implants. The Geffrad brothers were charged with assault and kicked off the team.

While the attack seems bad enough, Grant also claims in the lawsuit that he was asked to "cover up" the incident.

"On the way to the hospital, the team's trainer told Patrick to lie and cover up the fact that his injuries were at the hands of his teammates," the lawsuit states. "Out of fear and desire to play, Patrick lied as instructed, telling the doctor that he was horsing around in the locker room and hit his eye on a locker door."

Grant returned to the team after the incident but was forced to give up football after suffering vision problems following a hit. However, the lawsuit claims Grant was promised by Strong that his scholarship would remain intact through the 2011-12 school year so he could pursue a degree in criminal justice. Grant claims the scholarship was cancelled in January 2012.

The lawsuit also claims that when Grant called Strong to protest his scholarship being cancelled, Strong "simply ended the call and hung up the phone."

Louisville has not issued a statement in response to the lawsuit.