Students 'Mix it Up' to prevent bullying in school

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Bullying is a big problem in our schools and it's not just name-calling and fighting anymore; it's online attacks. But Hardin Valley Academy is doing something about it to make sure it comes to an end in their community.

It's called "National Mix it Up Day" a chance for students to get to know other kids in their school during lunch.

Tristan Trew, a senior at Hardin Valley Academy said "We know that there are cliques at school so we wanted to get everyone to change their seats at lunch to meet new people."

Each student got a different color bracelet with a number that matched up with a table. When it was time for lunch they had to sit that that specific table.

"We randomly assigned numbers and colors to the students no method behind it. We just wanted to get people together who probably have never met before." said Tristan.

Even though this is a national initiative; the students at Hardin Valley Academy wanted to make sure their school took part in it.

Ramona Dew, a teacher said "They saw other schools around the country starting this initiative after a tragedy but our kids wanted to be proactive and try to prevent that from happening here."

The teachers say they hope to do another session like this in the spring.

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