Students at Lake City Middle School support the "Rocky Top" name change

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Students and teachers at Lake City Middle School aren't waiting for the courts to decide the name of their town. They're already wearing t-shirts that say Rocky Top, and the name change is far from official.

It's only a name change, but it means so much more to the students here at Lake City Middle School. Bryan Kiser says, "It'll help the economy and maybe help me get a job."

If Lake City becomes Rocky Top would open the doors for a resort developers say would be like a small Disney World. That would mean hundreds of jobs and a promising future for these students close to home. Lake City Middle School Principal Kelvin McCollum says, "We're a town limited economically. With a name change, it will bring in revenue, jobs and businesses."

That's why a local attorney bought these t-shirts for the 8th graders and handed them out during an assembly. The name isn't official, but school officials tell me it symbolizes what they would like to see.
They'll wear them next Monday when they head to Nashville to convince lawmakers to change the city's name.

Shelby Chitwood says, "It provides a lot of great opportunities for our communities. Especially growing up and graduating and getting jobs for people who don't want to go to college and stay close to home."

Sean Patterson says, "I like the t-shirts. The assembly was good and I'm glad we learned about the timeline and how it's going to take effect."

The house votes on Monday then it goes to the senate. If it passes, then the people of Lake City would vote.