Students held assembly for veterans

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- It was all red, white and blue at Gresham Middle School Monday morning.

In an patriotic assembly put together by the students they sang, read and listened to a veteran speak about his time in service.

Students were encouraged to invite veterans they knew or family members that were vets.

Teachers at the school say the students put a lot of time into learning about their war heroes.

It was not only educational for the kids but the veterans as well

Jahiem Garner invited his Grandfather, Julius Edward Garner Jr. to the assembly, "It was very awesome, learning about the army," says Jahiem,

"I'm proud to be an American," says Julius, "I'm proud to be here, living in the United States and I would just like to thank all the veterans and the ones that lost their lives in service for our country."

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