Shooting deaths will exceed the number of people killed in wrecks in 2015

Knoxville, Tenn. In the next two years- more than 32,000 people will die by guns - according to a national study.

It's already the case in some states. Is that true here in Tennessee?

The answer is, No. More people died on the road than in murders.

I talked to one man who's working on his own initiatives to make sure gun violence remains low.

Dayspring Baptist Church - it sits in the heart of Western Heights.
Pastor Ron Burress built it with one mission... to keep kids off the streets.

"I was poor. I was a person that didn't have everything and people help me," said Pastor Burress.

Now, he's giving back to his community that's infested with crime.
Just recently two murders - not even a week apart.

"I think it's a terrible shame and I don't have the answer but I know that God can be a big influence in the community," said church volunteer, Elise Lodder.

In 2011, 373 murders took place in the state of Tennessee.
When it comes to car crashes - more than 900 people died behind the wheel.

Though that's not the case in many other states, where gun violence already takes the lead... that's not happening here-- at least not yet.