Suits filed against Cancer Fund of America, CEO speaks out

We reached out to the organization when questions about how they spent your contributions first came up, they declined to comment. Now, the CEO is talking.

The Cancer Fund of America opened its doors to the public. Officials say they want folks to get an inside look at how they operate.

Local 8 News took a tour of the warehouse and spoke with a man who said, in spite of some negative claims, his dying father got help from the cancer fund.

"He knew when it was time he was watching that door like a hawk," said Sammy Case.

A few months back, reports stated that the organization mishandled millions of dollars - and spent little on those who needed it most.

The CEO said that's misleading.

"They only spent two cents out of a dollar that's true they're exactly right. Also, we spent 1.2 million dollars just on the boxes," said CEO James Reynolds.

The company said they send out more 25,000 boxes a month to 10-thousand patients.

"We give them the things they would normally go out and buy. It freezes up some income for them to do other things with," said Reynolds.

A nonprofit watchdog group found the Cancer Fund of America brought in 98 million dollars and paid out more than 80 million of it to solicitors.

Several suits were filed against the company- many have been settled.

Now, if you contribute to any charity and wonder where your money goes head over to the link below:

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