Superstorm Sandy: One year later

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One year ago, Superstorm Sandy rocked the East Coast.
It affected millions. Many who needed a little extra help. Hurricane Sandy was the worst named storm in 2012. Damage reached 68 billion dollars in damage. It was the second costliest in United States history. It killed 285 people. The aftermath looked like a scene from the Apocalypse. Red Cross volunteers say they've worked several disasters, but nothing like Sandy.

Superstorm Sandy is something many of us only saw on TV, but Marty Gensheimer witnessed it first hand. Marty Gensheimer says, "We went by Staten Island and you could see the roller coaster damage."

Marty was there for two weeks, feeding people out of the mobile Red Cross truck. Gensheimer says, "We'd give them a hot meal and they'd say this is the first hot meal we've had in four or five days."

He's responded to 8 hurricanes, but tells me working in New York City was a different experience with lots of traffic and crowds of people. Marty says it was freezing. After the hurricane came a Nor'easter dumping snow. He remembers seeing belongings stacked on the side of the road. Naomi Cautle volunteered there for 15 days. Naomi Cautle says, "It takes a psychological toll and it's good to get back to normal life. I guess you call it."

She can't believe it's been a year since the destruction. Cautle says, "Wow a fast year. Having experienced it before, you know it's not so fast for the people that are there."

More than 100 volunteers from East Tennessee went to help out with Hurricane Katrina.

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