Surprising stats on elderly drivers

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How old is too old to drive? Surprising stats just released concerning seniors behind the wheel. Triple a tells us many seniors think modern technology in cars will help more than they really can.

Henry Cannon is 85 years old and still driving. Henry Cannon says, "I feel good about what I'm doing, but if I run into anything I'm going to give up the keys."

There are seniors like him who are on the roads but some say they don't need to be. AAA Public Affairs Don Lindsey says, "We live about 10 years longer than we can safely drive."

Don Lindsey just returned from a AAA seminar. He says seniors have misinformation about car technology. More than half thought back-up cameras helped more than they could, 4 out of 10 seniors thought cruise control would avoid a vehicle stopped in front of them, almost 1 in 5 senior drivers are willing to go faster with high-intensity headlight systems. Lindsey says, "We have to understand technology can help us, but it has limitations."

Lindsey reminds seniors to read the car's user manual to be better informed. He reminds seniors to watch for signs to know when it's time to give up the keys. Lindsey says, "One of the main ways if you start getting a lot of tickets or lost on familiar routes that's a huge sign. That's something you really need to think about."

Cannon says, "I'll cut myself off. Nobody else will have to tell me to give it up. I'm going to do it on my own."

There is a safe driving course Tuesday and Thursday, October 29&31, 2013 Noon to 4pm both days at the O'Connor Senior Center. Call Kate 862-9254 to register.