Friend grieves for teen killed in Christmas Eve wreck

LA FOLLETTE, Tenn. (WVLT)- We're learning more about a teen killed in a Christmas Eve wreck in Campbell County-- that claimed the lives of three people.

Friend Christopher Watson says,
"It just breaks your heart to know that he's not here. Especially on Christmas Eve. There's families out there that you know, join together to open presents right now. And his family now is just grieving and trying to come to the concept that he's gone."

A mangled, burned up mess is all that's left of Joshua Peavley's Chevy pick-up truck, while a Buick carrying a family on Christmas Eve didn't fare much better.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol says Peavley was heading west on Highway 63 in La Follette near Louis Sharp Road-- he lost control --- crossed over the centerline-- smashing the Buick head-on.
Peavely's friend Christopher Watson was shopping not far from where it happened.

"I was down there at Food Lion at the time and I've seen a bunch of ambulances going up and so I was kind of curious. So I took off on a little adventure trying to see who it was or if it was a car wreck or not." 14 sec

THP says Peavley was partially ejected from the burning truck. 59-year-old Gary Mefford and his 63-year-old wife Brenda also died. Three other people in the Buick-- including a young girl, a teen -- were taken to UT Medical Center.

Watson's stunned that something so tragic could happen to a good person.

"He was a great guy. I mean he was young, I mean he had his whole life in front of him. It got cut short tonight and it's awful." 9 sec

In the middle of a destructive scene-- some hope.

"When I see that scene, it makes me feel that I'm blessed to be with my family."
LA FOLLETTE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Tragedy strikes two Campbell County families after a Christmas Eve wreck.
The Tennessee Highway Patrol says the wreck happened in the 29 hundred block of Highway 63 in La Follette around 5:30 p.m.on Monday.
Troopers say 19 year old Joshua Peavley of La Follette, was driving his Chevy pickup truck westbound. Witnesses tell investigators that Peavley lost control, crossed the centerline and struck a Buick head-on.
Fifty-nine year-old Gary Mefford and his 63-year-old wife Brenda from Jacksboro, both in the Buick, died. Gary was driving.
Three other people were in the back of the Buick, including a young girl.
All three were taken to UT Medical Center. Troopers did not know the extent of their injuries.
It is still not clear why Peavley lost control, but THP says alcohol does not appear to be a factor.

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