THP looking for white truck in fatal Seymour wreck

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Imagine talking on the phone with a loved one and hearing an accident. That's what happened to a Seymour woman who lost her fiance. Troopers are now looking for the other driver involved in this deadly wreck.

Orange paint and skid marks. It's the scene of a fatal accident last Thursday. It's where Lee Lawson took his last breath. Adriana Mannon says, "Every morning I'm hoping it's a dream, but discovering it's a nightmare."

Adriana Mannon loved her fiance, Lee Lawson. He was driving in a car behind her and they were talking on the phone. Adriana Mannon says, "I heard him say this truck is stopping this truck is stopping. Then I heard gears switching, tires screeching and a bunch of noises. Then I didn't hear anything after that."

That last conversation haunts her. The accident report says Lawson tried to pass on this two lane road and lost control, but the family says it just doesn't add up. When Adriana went back to see what happened, she spoke to a man. Someone she says was acting unusual. He left though before police could question him.
Now he's someone they're looking for. Adriana Mannon says, "If someone is responsible for his death, they should be held accountable because he was a man loved by many."

The car he wrecked has an imprint of the brick mailbox in his driver's side door. Lawson died at the hospital. Lawson's mother wants justice for the person who caused the wreck. Vicki Lawson says, "He needs to pay for what he did. It makes me very angry, but I'm trying to deal "

Investigators have reason to believe the other vehicle was a white Ford dually pickup truck.

Adriana Mannon is waiting to hear back from THP with more information. Lee Lawson's funeral is Thursday.