THP reminds people to move over - it's the law

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Troopers say moving over for anyone on the side of the road can save lives - and it's the law in Tennessee.

"The law states if you can move over, you have to move over. If you can't, then you're to reduce your speed considerably," said Trooper Joey Lindsay, with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Trooper Lindsay had his own close call on I-75 last June:

"A tractor trailer came down the roadway in the right-hand lane and failed to get over and struck my patrol car while I was stationary with my lights and stuff on," said Lindsay.

Drivers need to move over for anyone stopped along the road. That includes other first responders, construction crews and wreckers.

Foothills Wrecker Service in Maryville said it's had several close calls:

"I've been hit a few times with mirrors. Just grazed across my shoulder or across my back because there's not a lot of room," said Tony Enea, with Foothills Wrecker Service.

He said on almost every call they go on, many drivers don't move over. On Tuesday, our cameras captured several cars speeding by his wrecker instead of getting into the other lane.

"I have a five and a four year old at home. And I have a young wife. You know, I don't want my boss to make that call or someone to make that phone call saying that your husband has been injured in an accident on the highway," said Enea.

Enea said he hopes that call will never happen for him, or anyone stopped on the side of the road.
Troopers said you can face fines and even felony charges if you don't move over.

Another sad reminder about the Move Over law came from Nashville this weekend, when an RV hit and killed a Nashville police officer who was directing traffic.

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