TN Supreme Court upholds conviction of 'Wooded Rapist'

(WLVT)-- The Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Jason Brudick, also known as the "Wooded Rapist" Wednesday.

Brudick was convicted of attempted aggravated rape and sentenced to ten years in prison. Nearly two decades ago, he raped multiple women.

One of his rape victim was able to bite off a peice of skin from his finger nearly two decades ago. In 2000, a "John Doe" warrant was filed. And several years later, police were able to match the DNA to a print provided by Burdick.

He tried to argue that the State was too late in prosecuting him because the “John Doe” warrant did not identify him by name and did not put him on notice of the pending charge.

But the Tennessee Supreme Court affirmed the conviction and sentence, holding that "a criminal prosecution is properly and timely commenced if, within the statute of limitations, a warrant is issued identifying the defendant by gender and his or her unique DNA profile."

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