TWRA sees quiet weekend from boaters, reports no injuries

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BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) TWRA officers had plenty to watch to keep themselves busy over the holiday weekend, and fortunately, all they had to do was watch.

Officer Jeff Roberson spent the weekend patrolling on Lake Loudon, and says people stayed relatively calm and safe while out enjoying the water. TWRA had extra officers patrolling due to the increase in the number of boaters they expected to see, but there were no serious injuries or accidents to report from East Tennessee lakes and rivers.

Sometimes the best news is when there is no news, Roberson said.

"Our main concern on Boomsday is keeping the crowd at a slow speed, at a safe speed, and keeping the main channel open for traffic to go through," Roberson said. "And then creating a perimeter around the fireworks so we don't have any boat fires as a result of the fireworks landing in the boat."

Roberson said TWRA officers were keeping a close eye on people without life-jackets, drinking, and driving too closely to other boats and docks at unsafe speeds.

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