Taming grease fires in the kitchen

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Several fires sparked over the weekend.

With all the cooking for Easter brunch, it's no surprise they started in the kitchen.

But, it's not just on holidays, grease fires can start year round if you're not careful.

Fire officials say there is one big mistake people are making.

Think about it, what if a fire started on your stove?

Many of us would think to throw some water on it.

But think again, if it's a grease fire things can escalate, quickly.

"Never, ever, ever put water on a grease fire. It will expand 17 hundred times that," says Captain D.J. Corcoran with the Knoxville Fire Department.

It's something people in an Oak Ridge home saw first hand on Sunday.

Luckily everyone escaped, but that wasn't the case for an elderly mother and her 51-year-old son in Madisonville.

According to family members Louise Turner was cooking Easter brunch when a fire sparked in her kitchen, she and her son didn't make it out alive.

"We've seen incidents where curtains from across the room have caught on fire because of this big fire ball that forms on the stove top," says Corcoran.

He advises people to use baking soda instead of water, and find a way to cut off the fire's oxygen supply.

"When you cover it with baking soda or something, you're separating the fire from the source, essentially smothering it."

Another tip is to keep kids out of the kitchen,

"If you've got something on the stove turn your handles in, and away. Curious children, they'll reach and if the handle is this way they'll pull down and scold themselves."

Most importantly pay attention,

"Everyone is multitasking these days .. it could be a phone call, something to do with the children, something like that. They step away and leave an eye unattended and you'll see a fire start from something like that."

KFD has a free smoke alarm program, for more information visit the link below this story.

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