Tattoo convention draws thousands from across the state to downtown Knoxville

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) If you are thinking about getting a new tattoo, or maybe your first, head to downtown Knoxville this weekend for the second annual Knoxville Tattoo Convention.

The convention is being held in the Holiday Inn on Henley Street now through Sunday evening and offers more than 80 different artists from across the state. Danny Fugate of Ambition Tattoo in Knoxville is the man behind the expo. He wanted to offer people a one-stop-shop to come and see what getting a tattoo is all about.

"We will definitely see a lot of first timers," Fugate explained. "But we also want to help educate just the general public on tattoo safety and kind of the do's and don'ts."

But most of the expected 2,000 visitors this weekend aren't first-timers when it comes to getting ink. DJ Porter is in town to get his fifth.

"It's a tribal monkey. Just a wild monkey pretty much," Porter explained. He added that is to symbolize the spirit he feels is inside every one of us.

For Valerie Fraser, the portrait of the face on the back of her with paint splatter is to symbolize her love for painting.

"But it's on the back of my knee, so it doesn't feel too great!" Fraser admitted.

Since this is only the second year for the expo, Fugate is expecting at least the same amount of attendees as last year, but is hopeful for more. He's even added some additional features in case you aren't too crazy about getting tattooed.

Although billed as family friendly, parents may want to exercise a bit of caution before letting kids go to the event. Saturday and Sunday evenings there will be a burlesque show, along with a human suspension show where people will hang from hooks attached to various body parts.

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