Teddy bear drive for Newtown

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ALCOA, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Alcoa community is teaming up to help the children affected by the Newtown Shooting.

Volunteers gathered donated teddy bears Sunday afternoon to get them ready to ship off to Connecticut.

More than five hundred bears have been collected, but twenty-six bears were made special in honor of the victims.

"Each child choose a name and did some research on a person and choice a bear that resembled that person, that maybe fit their personality...There is a snowflake bear for one of the teachers who loved snow. There is a camouflage bear for a boy who was a Cub Scout so it kinda touched all the kids and their personalities." said Kristi Snyder a third grade teacher at Alcoa Middle School.

Volunteers will drive the bears to Connecticut next Friday.

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