Teen organizes walk-a-thon for mom battling cancer

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ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Lois Davis is battling cancer. She has a husband and six kids, and was diagnosed with colon cancer twice in the last year. On Saturday, her daughter Brittany organized a walk-a-thon for her.

"I was touched in many ways by her doing this. First of all, for her taking on so much responsibility after she's taken on so much responsibility with the family already. It means a lot to me that she doesn't want others to face what we've faced as a family," said Davis.

Brittany is a junior at Grainger High School. In September, she started the homebound program so she could take care of her family.

"Which means my teacher comes twice a week to help me with my studies," said Brittany Davis.

When she's not studying, she's juggling things most 17-year-olds don't ever have to:

"She's taken on a complete responsibility of our two-year-old. She's a second mom to her. She takes care of her 24/7. She does laundry, cooking, cleaning. Takes care of the five-year-old, she helps with her. And the 8-year-old, the 12-year-old. She helps with homework. Anything they need done, she's there to do it," said Lois Davis.

Brittany said she's happy to do it, although she said at times, it can be tough.

"It's a lot, like recently when we were planning the walk and doing all that, it's been hard to try to balance it and balance home, the housework and the school work," said Brittany Davis.

But she said it's worth it for her mom. And like her mom, she's hopeful the walk-a-thon will raise awareness for colon cancer and the importance of getting colonoscopies.

"I hope that people will schedule colonoscopies. I know it's a big insurance problem for people to get colonoscopies done, but if people get them early, then this can be prevented," said Lois Davis.

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