Teens experience results of distracted driving

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POWELL, Tenn. (WVLT)-- It's a busy time of year for everyone including high school students getting ready for prom, graduation and the next chapter of their lives. But the future isn't always what we think it will be and the Powell community proved that to the students at a mock car crash.

It's a recipe for disaster; two cars packed with teens who are all meeting up after a high school football game-- when one driver pulls out their cell phone to text.

The two cars wreck, the airbags deploy, nine teens are fighting for their lives and emergency crews are on their way.

While this was just a demonstration of what could happen; the elements in the mock car crash were real.

Emergency crews from Knox County arrived on scene as if it was a real car accident. Life Star flew above while crews started using equipment to "save" the teen's lives.

The teens playing the victims were members of the Drama Club at Powell High School; making this demonstration feel more realistic. The "victims" used make-up and fake blood which helped prove that something like this could happen.

Even though this was a mock demonstration-- the message was clear and hopefully it will help students realize that tragedy can strike in a matter of seconds.

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