Tennessee Theatre seeks public contributions in sustainability campaign

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Built in the 1920's, the Tennessee Theatre was restored in 2005. But to continue those preservation efforts, the theater is going to the public with a Sustainability Campaign.

Their goal is to raise a nearly $4 million endowment fund and the foundation will use the interest to address maintenance and updates to the theater. The foundation has about $100,000 worth of project slated in their annual budget.

"We've had hundreds of shows, so wear and tear is going to happen. This campaign is going to make sure that we can maintain this beautiful structure for the next 85 years. It just celebrated its 85 anniversary last year," says executive director Becky Hancock.

The Terrazzo floor in the grand entrance is on the list of repairs.

Other repairs include a $25,000 project to an updated rigging system for expansion of the Tennessee's Broadway series as the massive sets require more sophisticated rigging.

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