Tennessee Valley Fair ready for a big weekend ahead

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) The Tennessee Valley Fair opens its gate at 3:00p.m. Friday at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville, and vendors are busy finalizing their attractions and preparing for the crowds.

Sarah Thompson is the Director of Public Relations for this year's fair. She says since the weather looks great this weekend, they are expecting to see a lot of people come through the park.

"Really what determines a good fair is weather. if it's beautiful and sunny like this, we'll have great attendance," Thompson said Thursday afternoon.

There are 52 rides on the midway this year, as well as plenty of events for the kids. The theme for the fair this year is Fun on the Farm, which is aimed at providing fun and experiences specifically for kids. But there are plenty of attractions for everyone.

From the rides to all the fried food on a stick you can handle, and the games to the cattle, no one will leave disappointed.

And make sure you stop by Jane Harris while you're looking for something to eat. She created a new delectable, exclusively for the Tennessee Valley Fair this year. She calls it the Red Velvet Oreo.

"It's your typical Oreo cookie that we dip in red velvet batter," Harris explained. "Then, when it come out (from the deep fryer) it gets the dusting of powered sugar. But then it also gets the cream cheese icing."

Just don't ask how many calories are in one. Harris doesn't know, and you probably don't even want to know.

But if food isn't really your thing, or the rides on the midway aren't really calling your name, there is still plenty more to do.

"The tractor pull is huge, the demolition derby," Thompson said. "Young, old, male, female, there's something out here for you to do."

The Tennessee Valley Fair opens its gates Friday at 3:00p.m. and runs through the 15th.

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