Texas Roadhouse donates new oven to the Love Kitchen

EAST KNOXVILLE, TENN (WVLT) -- Knoxville's most beloved twins
will be able to spread more love just in time for the holidays.

Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner were led out the parking lot of their Love Kitchen ministry on Thursday afternoon by folks from the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant.

Several workers from the restaurants in Tennessee volunteer their time on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week at the Love Kitchen.

But this Thursday, not only did they volunteer, the workers brought a new $6,000 industrial oven for the ministry.

Ron Hauser of Texas Roadhouse says to Helen and Ellen, "You guys do such good work down here and you have to feed more people and we're giving you equipment to do that."

The twins were first quiet and shocked.

Then, they couldn't stop thanking everyone involved and explaining how blessed they feel.

Helen says, "I don't know what to say, oh Lord look at here! Lord look at here, Lord what a blessing!"

Hauser says, "After our first couple of days working here and cooking here we are like we need to help them and get an oven. So all of the managing partners decided to pitch in money to pay for the oven so we can help cook the food a little bit quicker."

Helen and Ellen talking together, "We get it right here, thank all of you Oh yeah, thank you all so much. Party! We are going to have a good time. Don's (a Texas Roadhouse volunteer) coming over to make 5,000 corn muffins. Lets start him off at 500." (They giggled.)

Every Thursday dozens of volunteers bag up to 3,000 meals and deliver them to people who need the food most in our area.

Helen says, "It makes you feel good when people love what they are doing."

Ellen adds, "They are such a great help to us."

When asked what else they need, Helen responded, "We need to enlarge this building. We need that badly, don't we? Ellen, yes we do.
We enjoy that (feeding people) so much, to see how people enjoy that and how thankful they are. It keeps us alive, and that we can continue to do what we love to do. We love it ."

The Love Kitchen is in need of drivers on Thursdays to deliver meals.
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