The Other Side

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)-- "I remember going back and hitting my head".

Carol Acker loves horses, but it was that love that almost killed her one day in the Big South Fork.
Carol said,"That's the last thing I remember"

That fall put Carol in a coma for three weeks. All that time, UT Medical Center did cat scans, even brain surgery to relieve the swelling.
Carol's husband Dr. John Acker said, "Even then I wasn't sure she would have partial recovery or full recovery or any recovery"

Doctors say Carol died at least twice and tells me she had visions she will never forget.
"What did you see? "All of a sudden, I knew I was somewhere I'd never been before and i looked around and i thought I'm in heaven and it
was beautiful,
but Alan what I remember the most wonderful thing is, this overwhelming sense of love and joy and peace it just permeated the atmosphere. it was the most
secure feeling you could ever imagine. I knew I was behind a group of heavenly beings and in front of them there was a bright light, not a glaring harsh light but a very bright beautiful
light. A man approached me and he knew my name , he said Carol, we're praising God with verses from Psalms if you want to join us you can and he handed me a
There was no clock on the wall, I don't know how long it was but shortly after that he came up and said, it's time for you to go, you're needed somewhere else.
It was almost like he could read my mind because he said you could come back at a later time."

Carol remembered her husband and four young children.R
"And I could see their faces and I wanted to get back to help raise these kids"

John was by her side when she finally woke up but it took weeks of rehab before she even knew where she was.
And several more months before she began sharing what she saw.
"Was it a dream, was it a vision what do you call it? I call it a brief glimpse of heaven because it was quick, but it was
very real."

Carol hasn't ridden since that accident years ago but she still loves here horses and where they led her.
"They say a miracle is something God can do, and I really think it was a miracle".
.Carol says she has only one health issue after her fall, her sense of smell is gone. Apparently a nerve was damaged but she says she's just blessed to be alive.

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