The 64th Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage is underway in Gatlinburg

Plants set up at Mills Conference Center will show you what flowers you'll see during hikes with the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Great Smoky Mountains Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage is underway for nature lovers to enjoy some of the most beautiful colors in the Smokies.

Great Smoky Mountain Association’s holds the annual Wildflower Pilgrimage April 15 – 19, 2014. More than 600 people from 35 states are expected to participate.

"You'll come to this and you'll learn about all the aspects of those plants. Not only plants, but we do have other organisms like salamanders and bears and boars," said Ken McFarland, a professor at UT.

The Pilgrimage kicked off with a welcoming luncheon on Wednesday, April 16 at Mills Conference Center.

The event offers over 150 programs from instructional walks to demonstrations and guest lecturers.

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