FDA stands by ban on gay men donating blood

Donating blood has been called the gift of life. A decades old law bans gay men from giving it.

Larry Kitchen wears a symbol of love given to him by his partner.

Engraved inside, the year he and his partner made vows to each other.

Now, 30 years later, their love continues to grow.

Though their appearances have changed a bit, the FDA laws set back when their love blossomed -remain the same.

"It's a terrible thing it's a terrible feeling," said Larry Kitchen.

Knowing that if one of them needed a blood transfusion, neither of them could help. In fact, blood banks like Medic would turn them away.

"The FDA says, it poses a risk to the community for active gay men to donate," said Christi Fightmaster.

The FDA is sticking behind the law, saying that the number of new HIV cases among gay men recently jumped 12 percent.

Larry hopes, one day, he'll be able to save lives. Especially the one he's loved for so long.

Gay women are allowed to give blood - the ban is only for gay men.

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