The game of a lifetime for a local kid

OLIVER SPRINGS, Tenn (WVLT) -- Sometimes friends say a lot without saying anything at all. John Simms and Michael Payne play pick-up in complete silence. On Tuesday night, John's actions spoke louder than ever. A special moment for someone with special needs.

After years of wishing to play and only handing out water, Michael got the ball. John decided he wanted to do something special on senior night. So he gave his starting position to Michael. It's a moment Michael had always dreamed about.

"John said you got my spot tonight, you're going to start for me," recalls Coach Tony Ingram.

A gift from one friend to another, then posted on Youtube for the world to see. And even though Michael doesn't make that basket, he still gets that standing ovation.

It made his night to be dress out and play.

"Michael got in the car and he said, 'Mom my dream came true'", says Kelley Green, Michael's mom.

"(It's) something he'd always wanted, glad I could give it to him," says John Simms.

A simple gift, but a moment Michael will never forget.

"Thankful for him, God bless him too cause he's the best friend I ever had," says Michael.

As for Michael, after graduation he's going to Tennessee Rehabilitation Center to learn independent living skills. He wants to learn janitorial services and could potentially be back at the school working.