Thieves burst through concrete wall at gas station

WHITE PINE, Tenn. (WVLT)- A pair of desperate thieves went to drastic measures to try to steal an ATM machine.

It happened at the Marathon gas station in Jefferson County and whole thing was caught on camera.

Surveillance footage shows the pair climbing up the back of the building, then cutting the alarm system wires.

"I got here a little after five and the police were here and we saw a hole in the wall and the camera's were cut," said Eddie Freesland, he was one of the first to the scene after the alarms went off.

After disconnecting the alarm system, the crooks climbed through the hole.

What they didn't know was that the owner of the store had a wireless back up alarm.

"Looks like he got tripped by the alarm and he took off back out the door out the hole."

But before the crook gets out, it looks like panic as they try to get back over a six foot book shelf they scaled to get inside.

He manages to escape before deputies showed up.

Freesland says this isn't the first time someone has tried to break in to his friend's store.

"No one can see them behind (the building), I guess they figure that's the best way to get in."

The owner of the store tells Local 8 News the suspects didn't steal anything but the damage they left behind will cost him about 5-thousand dollars.

The guys are still on the loose but, maybe you can help.

You can see a black and white striped shoe on one of the suspects as they climb the building.

Deputies are hoping if you recognize that shoe or anything else about these two, call them. 865-397-9411.

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