CDC: Prepare for worst flu season in a decade

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Center for Disease Control is warning Americans to get ready for what may be the worst flu season in the past ten years. More than half of U.S. states, including Tennessee, are already reporting widespread flu cases.

To help stop the spread of the flu, the CDC is encouraging people to get a flu shot. The federal agency said it recognizes there are many reasons Americans don't get a flu shot, but it contends many of the reasons people give simply aren't true

So, to stop the spread of false information, the agency released its list of the top five myths surrounding the flu vaccine and how those reasons prevent prevent adults and families from getting the shots necessary for a healthy and safe winter.

Top 5 Myths Surrounding Flu Vaccine
1. It’s too late to get a seasonal flu shot.
2. The seasonal flu shot can “give” you the flu.
3. If you got the vaccine last year, it is still effective this year.
4. The flu vaccine may cause harmful side effects.
5. Natural immunity and a healthy lifestyle is better than immunity from vaccines.

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