Tips to get home safely on NYE

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - If you've already mapped out plans for New Year's Eve, chances are, they don't involve getting picked up by police for DUI.

Local 8 News went out to get some tips for you to keep your holiday celebration on course, and away from a jail cell.

Once the ball drops to ring in the new year in downtown Knoxville, there will be hundreds looking for a way to get home. Not just in Knoxville, but across east Tennessee.

You hear the tales of caution: driving on New Year's Eve is dangerous, police are keeping a close eye on the roads.

But some people will drive drunk anyway. One reason is because they want their car the next day.

That's where AAA's Tow-to-Go service comes in.

"Where we will take the intoxicated driver and his vehicle home within a 10 mile radius here in Knoxville. That's really to keep all motorists on the road safe," said Stephanie Milani, AAA Public Affairs Specialist.

Best of all, the service is free for anyone who calls, and available in many other east Tennessee counties.

Milani says they are not taking reservations, but when you are ready to go, you can call: 1-800-234-1222.

Kathy Hawkins McLain is the president for MacZin. The company provides a personal car service: they will drive your car home for you, while a second crew follows for a fee if you book a reservation in advance.

The service covers a 70 mile area, from Vonore to Morristown, to Lake City.

"They can enjoy their night out because they know that they've already reserved us, so therefore they don't have to worry how they're going to get home," said McLain.

If you would like to book a reservation with MacZin to pick you up, just dial 865-806-9086.

Of course, plenty of taxicabs will be rolling around downtown. You can't make a reservation with Knox World Class Taxi, but you can just hop in if you vacancy.

"Cab fare beats a DUI any day. It's a lot less expensive. I've taken people to get their cars who've been towed, don't want to mess with it. You really don't want a run-in with the police officers if you don't have to," said Michelle Dresch.

There's a list of cabs in Knoxville available on the city's website:

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