Top crime stories of 2013 in East Tennessee

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The first big crime of 2013 occured on February 12, police say Brandon Donaldson killed 19 year old Marcia Crider and her unborn child. Donaldson faces second degree murder charges.

Later that month, a man robbed the dollar general on Magnolia. The manager chased him, shooting and killing him. No charges were filed.

On March 5, three Knoxville police officers were suspended and ultimately fired for beating up a homeless man. The crime was caught on camera.

A month later, three homeless people were found murdered. Two inside a tent and one in a crawl space. Police charged three homeless people with the murders.

On tax day, April 16, the FBI raided Pilot Flying J on Lonas Drive after an ongoing fraud investigation. Sales execs were accused of cheating trucking companies out of thousands of dollars. The trucking companies settled out of court and some upper management pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

On May 23rd, police say Jason Holt robbed Down Home Pharmacy in bean station. Two men died and two women were injured.

On July 18, Conrad wise was found shot to death in Malcolm Martin Park. He was carrying groceries from a nearby store. This murder is still unsolved.

On July 31st two people robbed Glenn's Barber Shop and pushed 79 year-old Glenn Farrington to the ground breaking his hip. Jennifer Johnson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 9 years behind bars. The second suspect is still on the run.

On August 14, a woman was sexually assaulted at Ijams nature center in front of her child. Police are still looking for the suspect.

On September 12, four people were found shot to death inside a car on Renegade Mountain in Cumberland County. Jacob Bennett and his girlfriend Brittany Moser are charged with the murders.

And finally, on November 12, three Grainger county inmates escaped from the jail. They were found weeks later, but their escape prompted the sheriff to step aside, three jailers to be fired and expensive security upgrades which are ongoing at the jail.