Top toys under $50 for kids

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--It's easy to pick out the hottest toys this year like iPad minis at $329 dollars a pop. That's too much for a lot of us to spend. We did the homework and is here with some cool stuff that won't break the bank. We're all looking for that special toy that will light up your child's face. We've sifted through newspapers and stores looking the top five toys under 50 bucks. Kids and parents here they are.

Making your list and checking it twice. Angelie Rutherford says, "Just trying to find a special something for everyone on my list."

We've got just the things for your child and your pocketbook. Amanda Emory says, "Everybody is on a budget right now especially with the economy and stuff."

For those younger tikes, bounce bounce Tigger. His joyful noise will make your child chuckle and you too with a price of $39.99. Shopper Amanda Emory says, "That's the most important thing to see her face Christmas morning."

Target spokesperson Yvette Fragile says, "The most popular is Lallaloopsy. They come in all sizes from really little to really big."
Lallaloopsy dolls are perfect for 5-8 year old girls. They're just under 50 bucks.
For the boys, Nerf has a semi automatic Hail Fire Blaster for 33.99.
And these are some of the hottest - the owners pack of Skylanders Giants for just under $50. Ryan Rowe says, "Skylanders are little action figures you put on portals and they come to life in the game."

And an oldie but goodie the Easy Bake Oven. It fires up for 49.99.