AAA offers tow to go services for free

If you feel like you've had a little too much to drink - there are plenty of ways to get home safely.

Getting home in a taxi usually costs some cash. On New Year's Eve, AAA is offering you a way to get you and your car back home, safely.

"Just get ready to run run run. I mean there's no way to prepare for it," said wrecker Larry Ritter.

After the new year rings in - his phone will ring off the hook from folks looking for help.

"Some people they get out there and they break down and they don't know what to do," said Ritter.

"What we try to do is get the word out to plan ahead that you need a way to get home safely," said Don Lindsey.

If those plans fall through AAA will come to the rescue and all you have to do is dial 855- 286-9246.