Turkey disasters and solutions from Chef Jan Charles

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. If you've had some turkey disasters or fails, don't worry. Chef Jan Charles has some solutions to some of your problems.

Problem:One viewer tells us they forgot to get the turkey out of the freezer until the night before.

Solution: Jan tells us cold water is best. Place the bird under a trickle of cold water. It will still take a good while, but it's far faster and safer.

Problem: Another viewer says she had to make 2 turkeys for 2 separate dinners in just 2 days. What are some things you can do in advance to save time?

Solution: Jan tells us the best solution is to make a list! She says to prepare side dishes the day before, pie crust two days before.

Problem: Another viewer says she left all the giblets inside the turkey.

Solution: Jan says just toss the giblets, make sure the temperature of the bird is at least 165 degrees & it's good to go

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