Twin brothers bring Hollywood to Dollywood

Hollywood to Dollywood is being shown at the Knoxville Film Festival this Saturday.

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Twin brothers have made a cross country journey in an RV named Jolene and in hand is a screen play they want to personally deliver to Dolly Parton. Their journey is documented on video "Hollywood to Dollywood."

Gary and Larry Lane wrote a screenplay they wanted Dolly Parton to star in, but in their quest to get to Dolly, they discovered more about themselves along the way.

The twins filmed 45 hours of video between Hollywood and Dollywood.

"We wrote a script called 'Full Circle' and it took us 5 years to write it and one of the parts was for Dolly so we sent it to her people and it got sent back," said Larry Lane.

The twins say along their journey they found out more about themselves. They say they started opening up about being gay, something they'd kept inside for so long.

"We were not going to talk about any of that. We were just going to talk about getting her the script and then along the way we realized our story could possibly help people," said Gary Lane.

The duo says as they opened up to themselves, they dealt with the issue of being accepted by family and friends. Something that's documented in the film.

The twins met Emmy Award Winning actor Leslie Jordan and he's joining them in Knoxville for the week during the Knoxville Film Festival.

"It resonated really deeply with me. Your spoon fed the bible, you want to be good you're told this your told that and you think but that's not what's resenting here," said Jordan. "The only religion we should embrace is the religion of kindness. I thought well that's it, sometimes I don't see a lot of kindness."

The twins are donating a portion of their first year of sales to Dolly Parton's Foundation for the Imagination Library. They made a $4,000 check donation to the foundation during a VIP event on Tuesday night in Pigeon Forge.

"This is the first time we've done a documentary, and it's kind of our story. Dolly has blessed her music and we've got 15 songs and it's just kind of taken off and taken us in a whole different direction," said Gary.

You can see the film for yourself during the Knoxville Film Festival Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Tickets are still available.

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