Two local teachers write survival book for new teachers

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Red tape, low pay and stress. A few reasons that half of all school teachers quit the profession after five years. Two Maryville Junior High teachers have come up with a strategy to fix that. It's called the Ultimate Survival Guide for Teachers from two guys who live the profession.

It's not your typical cover for a book on education. Scotty Hicks and Rob Kuban wanted to portray the "wilderness" teachers face in their first few years. Maryville Junior High history teacher Scotty Hicks says, "We've broke it down into three sections surviving, arriving, and thriving."

Half of new U.S. teachers are likely to quit within the first five years because of poor working conditions and low pay according to a teachers union's study. Teacher and author Rob Kuban says, "You're trying to handle workload, stress, and manageing your classroom."

So what are some of the tips they offer? One of the big ones! Get a life. Hicks says, "Many believe they want to give 110 percent and stay late and do this and that. Yeah you can do that, but you'll burn out."

The book also offers personal stories and some comic relief. Kuban says, "So far the response has been great. Teachers have told us they laughed out loud they cried."