George Thomas trial: Judge sends jury home for the night

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- No verdict in the George Thomas. The judge dismissed the jury at 8:00 p.m. for the night. They will return tomorrow morning to resume deliberations.

The case boils down to criminal responsibility. There is no DNA linking Thomas to the crimes, which include kidnapping, robbery, rape and murder.

The jury must decide if the state has made it's case. If Thomas was there and if he knew about the crimes and benefited from them.

The defense contends just because Thomas was present at the scene of the crime doesn't make him criminally responsible. Thomas says he was there, but in his bedroom high on marijuana the whole weekend.

Prosecution told jurors to use common sense when it comes to criminal responsibility.

District Attorney Leland Price says, "You can't take two people like that, snatch them out of their lives, take them back to another location, brutally rape and murder them alone. It took a team and G was on that team."

Thomas's Attorney Stephen Johnson says, "There has been no evidence presented to you that Mr. Thomas was in the house on Chipman Street when any of the horrible acts that were committed to Channon Christian."

The jury will deliberate through 8pm Thursday. Then resume Friday morning.

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