UT Medical Center ranks number one hospital in the region

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UT Medical Center is now ranked number one in our region. The level one trauma center, the largest cancer institute and the area's go-to transplant center all add up to make UT Medical Center the top hospital in East Tennessee. Senior Vice President Steve Ross says, "We're proud and there's a lot of things we work on every day to be recognized for."

So what does this mean for you the patient? Ross says, "There's a lot of work we've done to improve services so that we can deliver great care for people in this region."

They're working on doing more clinical trials, and bringing in new specialists in radiation oncology and performing more minimally invasive surgeries, so you can be back on your feet faster. Just a few things they're improving on and something that makes them number one.

UT's Dr. Tim Panella says, "It's been in our goal to do this. It's nice to be recognized. It makes us feel good."

The new cancer center was recognized for the high quality of care. The biggest thing is all oncologists are under one roof. Dr. Panella says, "I'm walking down the hall talking to them and they're walking down the hall and talking to me."