UT-UGA rivalry inspires new product, brings in more business

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's an historic match up:

"Oh yeah, the first game we've played so far that's a rivalry. And we're ready for it - David and Golieth, we're ready," said Michael Davenport, a Vols fan.

UT and Georgia fans were out in full force to support their teams.

Downtown shops said the rivalry is great for business:

"Probably at least 60 percent more than what we'd have on a normal Saturday," said John Burnett, who owns Nothing Too Fancy.

Sales are up 25 percent at Union Avenue Books.

"I think there are a lot more people here from Georgia then we would get, except maybe from Florida. So I think there will be a lot of people, there were a lot of people yesterday already here and already downtown," said Shiela Wood-Navarro, with Union Avenue Books.

Saw Works Brewing Company is taking advantage of the rivalry, too. It collaborated with Terrapin Beer Company in Georgia to create a special beer for the game called 35th Parallel Ale.

"Lots of hop aroma, a nice bitterness level, but balanced out with a little bit of sweetness up front and a nice, toasty malty finish," said Dave Ohmer, head brewer at Saw Works Brewing Company.

The beer's name is significant, too. That's because there's a water dispute between Tennessee and Georgia.

"Folks down in Georgia think when the borders were drawn up, Tennessee actually got too much land and in that, they actually got some water that people from Georgia felt like should belong to them. And that happened to take place - that area of water is at the 35th parallel," said Will Sherrod, sales manager for Saw Works Brewing Company.

The brewing companies made just one batch of the beer, so it will be gone soon. But Sherrod said he's hopeful Saw Works and Terrapin will collaborate on special rivalry brews for years to come.

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