UT is back, new security measures put into place

Knoxville,Tenn (WVLT)-- Many new students at UT are exploring the campus, but it's not just freshmen who are seeing something new.

The campus police department added a few new members to their team, Bira and Tica, two dogs trained to detect explosives.

They'll be used at football games and special campus events, keeping students, and fans safe.

Parking has changed too. Gone are the tow trucks and in come the boots. Wheel-locks will disable cars with multiple unpaid parking tickets or fines, not just for students, but for anyone parking on campus.

Houston Cookenour is an incoming freshman, he says the parking situation is difficult, "I think it'll be more convenient because your car is still there instead of having to pick it up at a garage ... but it's hard even finding a spot."

Student behavior is also a concern, after a fraternity member nearly died from alcohol poisoning last year.

"We have dedicated off-duty police officers to patrol to our fraternity housing areas," says Associate Dean of Students, Jeff Cathy.

And alcohol education is not just for the Greeks, but the entire student body.

"All of our incoming students have taken part in an online alcohol module that we've titled Alcohol In You," says Cathy, "and it was developed internally specifically for our UT community... a lot of good things going on but we're always concerned when you bring in 4,200 students that have not necessarily had the freedom of being away from home."

The university has also put more outdoor street lights up, to increase campus safety at night.

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