UT students question survey's choice of words

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) UT undergrad students were given a questionnaire to gather information to try and help the university analyze the health, wellness and substance use of students. But one of the questions has some scratching their heads.

4,000 students received the questionnaire from the Safety, Environment, and Education Center. Question number seven asks the student what is their sexual orientation preference?

Among the list of gay, lesbian, heterosexual or bisexual is one word that sticks out from the rest.


It's a word not sitting well with several students.

"I honestly cannot think of a reason why this word would be on this list," Cameron Snook said.

"It's completely negative," Ashleigh Schaefer said. "It really just puts someone down. So it's definitely not politically correct."

"All these other ones seem less vulgar and somewhat more reasonable. and queers kinda just out there," Garrett Depp said.

Several students suggested that maybe the word should have been omitted from the options.

"It's just, really not even necessary to have on this list, because they have bisexual, straight and they have gay. But why queer? Why such a derogatory term?" Snook said.

The University of Tennessee could not be reached for a comment.

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