Unemployed state workers picket for jobs

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--State workers that have gone four years without a raise, picketed for good jobs and living wages tonight.

They're asking for a larger raise for UT workers who make less than 25-thousand dollars a year. They even called attention to the raises some of Governor Bill Haslam's commissioners received recently.

Several groups, including "Jobs for Justice" and "United Campus Workers" say the raise is well-deserved, because without the University there wouldn't be much in Knoxville.

Tom Anderson the President of United Campus Workers says, "Every dollar that's invested in the University of Tennessee, four dollars are put back in the community. If you go down to the strip to Cumberland Avenue and ask them and ask them how many businesses would be there if they university was not here, the answer would be none."

Governor Haslam did promise a 1.6% percent raise to state workers, but it's only partially funded. UT would have to make up the difference for workers on campus.

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