Unfinished sewer line found years later

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - People living near Newport Lane in Oak Ridge had though they smelled a nearby sewer plant for years, but a man walking his dog found a different problem.

City crews say their investigation into a reported sewage smell found a home sewer pipe that hadn't been connected to the main line. City crews say that happened during reconstruction of the Turnpike years ago.

For three years Adam Roach and his family have lived in the neighborhood. It was their home the problem was coming from.

"If you've ever been near a sewage plant it smells like crap. literally," said Roach. "Now I look down there you can see it. Now I do, it makes perfect sense. Because who thinks about something like this."

Roach says he's worried about the air his family has breathed. City crews say there's not a problem for people's health.

"My folks responded to the smell of sewage, no visible raw sewage," said Public Works Director Gary Cinder. "With 12,000 plus laterals, and with as much rehabilitation that's been going on in the years a tap will get missed and won't get put back to a new pipe."

Cinder says crews found the problem and had it fixed in a days worth of work. Now the sewage is flowing into the main sewer line.

Cinder says the city picked up the tab to get the line corrected but may look at billing the contractor who didn't do the job correctly when road construction was going on.

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