Union County teacher fired after prom party with underage drinking

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MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--A Union County teacher fired for serving teens alcohol. As local 8 news anchor Lauren Davis tells us parents are happy with the decision.

There's one fewer teacher at Maynardville Elementary School now.
The school board voted unanimously to fire tenured teacher Tina Wilder. Supervisor of Elementary Instruction Jimmy Carter says, "It's not something you rest easy about. That's a hard decision to make."

Wilder's troubles go back to last May when cops came to her house and found empty beer bottles, a cooler full of alcohol, trash cans overflowing with bottles and almost a dozen teens. Cops got a tip there was underage drinking in the house. When they got there, they found 65 bottles of alcohol and took 10 people to jail for underage drinking. Wilder says she was sleeping during the party, but pleaded guilty to allowing underage consumption. The court gave her 100 hours of community service. Then after months of debate and appeals, board members voted her out. Mother Amanda Oliver says, "She should have been fired because you just don't supply alcohol to underage people. You just don't do that."

Marty Smith says, "I think with the D.A.R.E program we can't have teachers doing what we tell the kids not to do."

Carter hopes this sends a message. Carter says, "I hope our teachers appreciate that we hold a certain standard."

Wilder didn't have any previous criminal history nor did she have any problems at school.

This is the first such incident in Union County. We tried to contact her but she wasn't available for comment.