Police: Man tries to burn ex-wife alive on Valentine's Day

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It's supposed to be the day of love, but police say one man did anything but show his affection. Investigators say a Bean Station man tried to burn his ex-wife alive on Valentine's Day.

Investigators say an angry ex-husband made a Molotov cocktail and tried to kill his ex-wife. Now he's in jail, she's on the run and her kids say she set this whole thing up.

Police say 48 year-old Dennis Wayne Laskey set a trailer on fire with his ex-wife Dawn Laskey and her 19 year old boyfriend inside.
Hamblen County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Carrie McCann says, "He threw a beer bottle with flammable liquid inside. He lit a sock and threw it at the residence.'

She got out okay and so did her teenage lover. The couples' daughters showed up at the jail to bond their father out on Thursday.
They tell me their dad is innocent. Dennis's daughter Nicole Laskey says, "He's not the type of person that would do that. He's all about his kids. He works. He's got a good job. He's a nice place no reason to lose everything he's got."

They tell me he was with them on Valentines Day. They also say their mom is crazy and on drugs. They believe thier mom set up their father. Dennis's other daughter Amanda Laskey says, "Because my dad doesn't deserve this and she's pretty much a piece of crap."
Police say Dennis admitted to throwing the Molotov cocktail at the double wide. McCann says, "He told officers he threw the bottle with intent to cause bodily harm."

Investigators also arrested Ryan Bellew and in the Valentines Day arson case. They say he drove Dennis Laskey to the trailer that night.

Dennis Laskey is in jail on a $150,000 bond. He's facing aggravated arson charges, domestic violence charges and could possibly face attempted murder charges. The domestic violence charges come after police say Laskey found her and pulled her out of her truck by her hair 24 hours after trying to burn down her home.