Vampire movie shot in TN set to premier in Knoxville this weekend

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. Vampires of Camelot in association with Fanboy Expo is proud to announce the Knoxville premiere of Unrequited Love, a romance starring Lance Chandler, Brain Bartee, and Dee Bartee, and directed by Joanne Padgett.

Unrequited Love is the story based on the Vampires of Camelot novel series Unrequited Love is A Love, A Friendship and, A Choice three lives change forever with one decision. Uther Pendragon never thought he would fall in love that was until he met The Lady Ingrien. Garlois and Uther on sent on a quest little did either of them know their friendship would be tested forever. Ingrien a noble women longs for the simple life she aspires to be a healer. Ingrien is chosen to be trophy in the joust tournament she is torn between the life she wants and the family honor she must obey.

Lance Chandler stars in this movie, as Uther Pendragon. This is a moving tale about the struggles of love and friendship. Uther must choose should he keep his friendship with Garlois or should he choose true love with the women of his dreams?

This is a sole Tennessee Production filmed right in the heart of Mt. Juliet at the Duck Pond Farm. It features Tennessee actors and actress the costumes were provided by none other than Performance Studio’s. The theme song Love is lost on me was produced, and recorded at ESA.

It is our Knoxville Premiere at FANBOY EXPO happening May 30 - June 1 the premiere will take place on May 31 at 3:00 pm till 3:45 Rm 205. Author/Director Joanne Padgett will be talking about film making in the digital age as well.

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